Our Mission

Two Dads Mission

We have massively ambitious plans to drive change within the LGBTQ Family community, and through social media and a lot of hard work, we’re committed to supporting several key TwoDad missions to make the landscape of UK Gay Parenting, a better, safer and more equal place.

  • To continue normalising Same-Sex Families like ours. By opening hearts and minds by positively sharing our experience as parents via social media, showing the world that same-sex families are doing an amazing job too.


  • Currently supporting with the Surrogacy Law reform via the APPG in the UK, having already attended discussions at The Houses of Parliament in October 2018


  • Lobbying change in the NHS by campaigning to bring fair and equal treatment to Intended Fathers when it comes to offering IVF to gay men in England and Wales


  • Supporting UK Fertility Clinics with their Intended Father patients through our 'lived experience' and extensive network, providing a tailored end to end solution


  • Help to Increase the number of Private Nurseries, Pre Schools, and Schools to hold Same-Sex friendly books in UK and make it part of the national curriculum or at least part of their learning/education pre school framework


  • Ensure fair and equal treatment of IP’s (and Surrogates) within NHS Hospitals. For example most IP's will miss the birth of their child (if born by a C-Section) based on the rules with regards to one person allowed in Theatre. 


  • Continue to supporting Intended Parents with their 'journey' through our social media channels, partner channels and commercial partners inc UK Fertility Clinics


  • Actively lobbying to Increase Baby changing in Male toilets across the UK


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