Why go public?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

We’ve often been asked about why we’ve chosen to be so public about our family, or our Fertility journey. It took some convincing of Wes as he’s super private and rarely posts on any social media platforms, so to publicly put our lives on show for 2+ years was a real challenge for him and something which took some convincing. It’s not to brag, or to boast, or to gain sympathy; it’s to educate, to talk, and open hearts and minds showing Same Sex Families make great parents too, and creating families is finally evolving and it comes in all different forms, we’ve obviously chosen Surrogacy.

We don’t hold back, we speak about the unspeakable and we blog about the unknown, to many. Whilst we don’t know where this will end, we feel it’s only right sharing our experiences; good, bad or indifferent to those that choose to follow us and read them. I’ve always wanted to educate people about Same Sex Surrogacy in the UK as I’m still seeing couples spend their life savings, sell their homes, borrow from family, to raise over £100k+ to head to the US or Canada and enter into a Commercial Surrogacy agreement, which in our opinion isn’t necessary in a country like the U.K., where altruistic Surrogacy is so accessible and achievable.

In 2017 there were 422 Parental Orders granted. 2018 is looking to see around a 10-15% increase based on current data and quarterly trends, each year this is steadily growing, proofing Surrogacy is on the rise. *A Parental Order is the legal process couples/intended parents have to go through to become the legal parents of the child as currently in the UK the Surrogate and her spouse are automatically legal parents at Birth. This antiquated law (and many more!) is currently being debated in Parliament as part of the Surrogacy Law Reform. However the PO process is fairly straightforward and something you can apply for once the child is 6W and one day old, ours was granted by the Courts around 8-10 weeks later with no issues whatsoever. Bear in mind couples that go to the States still have to apply for a P.O too.

Anyways back to my point for writing the blog today. This was born out of joy of hearing from other couples wishing us well and also informing us they are embarking on the journey themselves, and our clinic, The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health - CRGH advised us that other couples are getting in touch with them as they’ve been inspired to start a family by following us and seeing that it is possible. And that they can have a family in the UK. This, for me is everything.

Anything is possible. Keep chasing those dreams. Don’t give up. 📷👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

To be continued.


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