The Hope Ball; The Fertility Foundation

On Friday the 1st November we were delighted to have been invited to The Hope Ball, hosted by the amazing Fertility Foundation. A charity set up to help childless couples apply for an IVF grant, donated by UK fertility clinics. Already this amazing charity has helped over 20 couples, and have seen 28 babies enter the world, the most recent were twins born just hours before the event got underway. Such an amazing cause, nice one Tone and PJ, you certainly know how to put on a great event.

We were guests of the family law firm JMW, table 5 certainly knew how to party and drink! Bev Jones one of the partners of the firm was accompanied by another partner, Cara Nuttall. Bev was the expert we turned to with our first Surrogacy journey, she helped open our eyes to the detail behind the UK law, and was also amazing throughout our Parental Order - which was managed brilliantly and flew through court, I hasten to add. (Thank you Bev!)

The night went on to have a great silent auction, which ended up costing us £1300 (cheers Wes!), and well deserved award for the amazing and inspirational author Jessica Hepburn.

What was extra special, on our table sat a lady named Selina, who was the clinician who helped match our egg donor for when we first visited Care Fertility in Manchester. She was, without doubt our favourite member of the Care team and amazing throughout. Such a gorgeous, caring and passionate individual, and without her Talulah wouldn't be the little girl she is today. We spent the evening also chatting to friends of ours at Surrogacy UK, absolutely love their passion for their passion for protecting altruistic surrogacy.

The evening went on to raise more money for the amazing cause, and we even got to hear a brief intro to the charity single the foundation are releasing in 2019. Can't wait for this, the producer has worked with the likes of Whitney, Madonna and Mariah!

We also got to spend time with all the fabulous team at CRGH who are our current clinic, we danced the night away with the rock music obsessed, Francesca Styne and all the other fabulous bunch, including the talented Head of Embryology Suze.

Needless to say, our heads were a little sore the next morning, but an amazing evening had by all.

Thank you The Fertility Foundation and thank you for Bev and Cara at JMW for inviting us to join your table.


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