The 2ww is finally over, hear all about it here...

Firstly we hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and have celebrated with all your family, friends and loved ones. We've had a lovely break, Talulah got into the real spirit of the magic, which was just incredible to watch and see - just brought home to us the meaning of the Christmas period. Her face on Christmas morning was priceless, and being able to see her reaction knowing that 'Santa had been' was just everything to us.

As you're possibly aware we began our fertility journey again this year as having more children for us has always been our dream, a large family, particular around this time of year, just seeing Talulah's face this year cemented the fact we'd love to have more kids if we're able to.

We always promised that the idea of this blog was to be honest, open and truthful about the highs and lows of the journey, whether pregnant or not, the point of it is to share, to connect, possibly educate and importantly to support others on similar paths.

The journey to grow our brood began earlier this year and then in June 2018 we had a failed embryo transfer, and then the disastrous issue that followed meant all our embryos didn't develop after day 5, meaning our entire cycle was a failure. Not only was this costly, it's heart breaking and something that hit us hard, in many ways. It's not only tough on us and our relationship, but impacts our surrogate, her family and her life too. Needless to say, we were all gutted.

As you know we opted to move clinics, which wasn't an easy decision as it was where Talulah was 'conceived', so we moved from Care Fertility in Manchester and chose CRGH in London, based on a number of factors (their egg bank, the clinical care and their excellent embryologists, which reflect in their success rates). We also had to find a new egg donor too, as clearly the previous treatment cycle just wasn't quite right. Skip forward 4 months and we transferred one of our embryos on the 17th December.

The pregnancy test is exactly that, a sheer test of will. A wait of 14 days to be exact. There's a real valid reason why too, as we know the risk of chemical pregnancy is real with IVF as the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can still be released when the embryo fails to attach itself correctly, so waiting to see if the 'line' on the test darkens day by day is key. hCG is created by the cells of the newly developing placenta within days after a fertilised egg implants in the uterine lining. It stimulates the corpus luteum to pump out more oestrogen and progesterone.

Our surrogate tested early, like most of us do in this situation - she tested at 3dpt (3 days post transfer) But as the test was negative (no surprise really) she didn't want to tell us, so she waited another 24 hours taking us obviously to 4dpt. That test gave a very faint line, but it was so faint we couldn't see it on the picture she has sent to us, so we couldn't get excited just yet. So 6 hours later another test was done, and this one showed a faint line we could all see. Our hopes were lifted. She then proceeded to test on Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7, each day darker and darker as the picture below shows.

Eeeek - we're pregnant! *Screams!

Obviously we're over the moon, delighted is an understatement. Whilst we know we're not out of the woods yet, and most couples wouldn't dream of announcing a pregnancy so early - we're sharing this to shed light on our surrogacy journey - to give some hope to others, and also to support those thinking of IVF or Surrogacy or both. 'C' will still continue to take meds till approximate week 10 of the pregnancy.

We'll obviously keep you all up to date with all the developments and next steps, even if we go quiet for a few weeks - we'll be back.

So it goes with our saying, Happy New Year everyone, we hope 2019 is kind to you all, and all your hopes and dreams are realised. Thanks for all your support, kind words and messages over the this period, its appreciated. You guys are the best.


Michael & Wes x


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