On the home straight now...

So this week on Friday saw our Surrogate head to our clinic The CRGH in Great Portland Street, London. 'C' headed south with her husband and two boys, taking the opportunity to enjoy a first class train ride to the big smoke, then plan was to arrive chilled and ready for her appointment with both Francesca Styne who is the Head of Nursing and Surrogacy expert and champion for the organisation and the Doctors to run through her treatment. Thankfully she arrived nice and chilled and calm, and the journey from Lancashire to London was a smooth one. C had all her routine bloods taken, and then had a 3D saline scan to check her womb cavity, all in preparation for 'transfer day' (which sounds like some exciting period often linked to Premiership football, depicting the window of opportunity where teams exchange millions of pounds, if only). The team at the clinic put our surrogate to ease straight away, and as we expected the day ran like clockwork. She was with the clinic for a couple of hours in total, and then just before 2pm our WhatsAp group (which we've had since the first journey actually) 'pinged' and the message simply said;

'Nearly done, all ok. Womb cavity looking good, next visit at the end of November. I'm to start Progesterone on Tuesday, I'll send you a picture of the meds'

This was great news for us, as this was a different service offered at CRGH that we never received previously at Care Manchester. The 3D scan lets the clinicians now how deep the cavity is for when they carry out the actual transfer. All fascinating and giving us more reassurances that we made the right choice of clinic for this and future journeys. C and her family headed home on the long trip, getting home shattered and rather late, which made us realise that on the actual transfer its probably best we all book a hotel as we will be there obviously and we live 120 miles away, and C is another 100 miles from us. At least that way she can rest and head home refreshed the next morning after a good old English breakfast and a mug of tea and Wes and I can offer support and also enjoy a night in London too obviously. ;)

The next few weeks are fairly gruelling on our surrogate and this is where I admire these women and can't ever thank ours enough. The daily injections, the mood swings, the bloatedness and sore breasts, the unpleasant pessary its hardly glamorous, and that's before we've even discussed the impacts on her own sex life or lack of. This is where partners of surrogates are often forgotten too, and we salute you too D. We know this isn't easy on you too and we thank you buddy.

So injections start on Tuesday, we'll keep you all posted. The journey now is all about preparing her lining for the Blastocyst, a nice thick lining of around 11/12mm is the aim, and something we've always achieved bang on schedule. The transfer is around 10th December, but this could move a little - and as I said previously this also means the 2ww (2 week wait - the period where you can't test for pregnancy!) falls on 24th December!

So today, (Saturday 10th November) 24 hours since her blood tests we received another update from C saying that the blood tests showed slightly elevated Thyroid readings, so she's needing to take some additional medication (Thyroxine) to level everything out. All fairly common. Research shows that increased Thyroid hormones can lead to miscarriages in rare cases so anything we can do to remove the risk is a given and we'll do it obviously, for C's sake and the Baby. C also decided to switch to Buserilin injections rather than the nasal spray, because she's hardcore and knows what to do! CRGH organised this all today (Saturday) too. Again, just another sign that CRGH are doing everything they can to ensure our treatment results in a live birth, and stress levels are kept to a minimum. Can't thank them enough.

So that's us for now, I'm going to have a large glass of wine and settle down to watch Strictly...(don't judge!). Thanks for reading everyone, and again - thanks for all your continued support and messages.


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