New! - The Modern Family Show 2020.

Updated: Feb 19

We were feeling like we had some spare time, (rolls eyes) on our hands so have now decided to launch a new business and run the UK's only LGBT+ Family Creation Event. Comprising of 35 Exhibitors from all over the world, 8 Sponsors, 20 Volunteers, 15 Advocates, 2 Educational Session areas, 1 Main Stage with full production crew, a PR team, 1 Videographer and 1500 attendees. Seems like a piece of cake!? Pass the Gin!

The Modern Family Show 2020 has arrived, and this is the newest family creation exhibition on the block. Myself and Wes are marketing this as anything but an exhibition. In fact, it’s very refreshing and true to its name. For those that know us will know we have never shied away from hard work and are passionate about supporting not only the trying to conceive community through our work via TwoDads.U.K, but also the loyalty to our community (LGBT+). This is a big deal for us, and it was a risk, but it’s the right thing to do and the response has been overwhelming.

The Modern Family Show is not an exhibition; this is an Educational event genuinely and authentically centered around the consumer; we’re here to celebrate family creation on all levels.

We are taking residency at the iconic 8 Northumberland on the on the 19 September 2020 just off Trafalgar Square, London. The Ballroom sets the scene for the main area of exhibitors, the backdrop of the impressive Modern Family Stage is breath taking.

This one-day boutique event is the only UK family creation show exclusively designed for the LGBT+ community informing attendees about UK and International family creation options, with a real emphasis on Education - something that we feel has lacked in other events.

Visually this will be one of the most stunningly unique exhibitions of 2020, creatively - nothing even rivals it, we’re working with one of the most admired LGBT+ fertility allies, particular the lesbian and trans communities, to create some of the most incredible educational material to support everyone from the wider LGBT+ community. Carole Gilling Smith Medical Director from The Agora in Brighton comments “I am delighted that Michael and Wes have taken the baton to create a safe space for all those in the LGBT+ community to come and talk openly and honestly to professionals about their dreams to create a family. At the Agora we believe that everyone, whatever their gender or sexual orientation, should be empowered with the freedom of reproductive choice, whether it be now or in the future. What I love about this event is that the organisers are doing just that by putting education at the top of their priorities ‘

Whether its Surrogacy, IVF/IUI, Sperm or Egg Donation, Fertility Preservation, Trans-Parenting, Adoption, Fostering, Co-Parenting or Solo Parenting; The Modern Family Show is the only UK event dedicated to the LGBT+ community, and all under one roof. And we’re so proud of what this will achieve for so many needing this type support.

In the coming days we’re excited to be revealing the sponsors of The Modern Family Show, which we were delighted were all secured within four days of the preview of the event, testament to type of show this will be, and the support this will provide.

Save the date 19th September – tickets on general sale 6th April 2020.


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