Day 5 Embryo update...

This was the detail behind the call we took today from the Embryologist at CRGH updating us on our Day 5.

Naturally we’re over the moon with the results and the fact we’ve frozen 5 Blastocysts today which is excellent progress and a great end to the week.

“As per our conversation over the phone, 5 of your 7 embryos made it to the blastocyst stage today and were frozen. At the blastocyst stage an embryo will have over 100 cells, so we grade the actual structure and formation of the embryo instead of counting cell numbers.

We grade 3 main parameters for a blastocyst:

1) The expansion of the blastocyst (denoted by the number)

2) The inner cell mass (the group of cells that develop into the foetus- denoted by the first letter)

3) The trophectoderm (the group of cells that develop into the placenta- denoted by the second letter).

These are the grades of your frozen blastocysts:






Well done! You have 2 remaining embryos in culture that we will continue monitoring until tomorrow”.

The following day was as we expected, the other two embryo's didn't develop and weren't viable but we were more than happy with the result from our treatment so we start our next cycle with 5 Blasts, which is a positive starting point. Let the treatment commence...


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