Dads Change Too - New TwoDads.U.K Campaign!

Myself and Wes never like to sit still, there's always another email to respond to, another opportunity to explore, another nose to wipe and nappy to change. Our latest project is no different, and one which is set to keep us very busy indeed. It's an extension of one of our original missions which we made public back in 2017.

You may not have noticed the struggle Dad's are sometimes faced with. Or you may be a heterosexual couple that has seen this issue only all to often. The battle to find changing facilities, quite often only in the ladies toilets. Several of our followers have recently commented this is or was the case with their family. This isn't just impacting Dads, it impacts families, regardless of sexuality. However if you're a Two Dad family you would have felt the inconvenience and sometimes the frustration of being able to change your baby conveniently, hygienically and safely.

That's why we've taken the plunge to launch #DadsChangeToo. A national campaign with the primary objective to gift Baby Changing Stations to Public Spaces such as Libraries, Train Stations and Airports, Retailers, Restaurants and Shopping Centres. We've sourced a UK manufacturer that is allowing us the freedom to brand the changing units with our Logo as well as the primary sponsor of a particular phased release. With this will come an opportunity for PR, but most importantly assisting with a problem with the parenting and Dad community. Corporate organisations getting involved with the project by sponsoring these units would be satisfying a Corporate Social Responsibility objective, whilst helping to solve the issue many Dads face when either out alone with their children or like us - just out generally.

Yes, I hear you - 'Just use the Disabled Toilets - they have changing facilities!' My response, 'No we won't'.

Those spaces are needed for those less able and more in need. And this was proven when we were in an airport lounge in the summer of 2018. I was changing Talulah whose nappy had 'burst'. You know the ones, we dread them. Crap all up back, all down her legs - a complete outfit change was needed - I was in there some time. The door was being knocked, and I was being yelled out to come out, I didn't. I couldn't. When I came out of the changing room I was greeted by elderly parents of a disabled son, in a wheelchair, who simply couldn't use a standard bathroom. He had soiled himself, just before he was about to board an airplane. All because I was using the disabled toilet, as it was the only facility with a changing station. This played on my mind all holiday, and to this day I think about that moment and how I wished I would have just left the disabled toilet and opted to change Talulah on the floor in the men's loos, or squatting in a corner with her balanced on my knees, which is what normally happens. This is why we need changing stations in ALL bathrooms, especially for us Dads.

We plan to giveaway hundreds of changing stations through launching sponsored releases of the UK manufactured product. Already the interest has been overwhelming, from UK Banks, Pharmaceutical brands, to large national retailers - companies see both the benefit and the need.

So if you're interested in either wanting a changing station in your business, or your company is wanting to sponsor a phase release (min of 92 units) then contact Michael at



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