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Hi everyone,


So I’m Mike, guess I’m the crazy one who had the idea to sell our souls to Social Media and open up our world for everyone to comment on and observe our lives.  I spend most nights (when not with Talulah and Duke obviously) with my phone glued to my hand, posting, sharing, liking and filming - all in readiness for Facebook, Insta and now YouTube. It’s getting to be a full time job, which is tricky - as I have one of those!


For the last 18 years I have worked within Medical Recruitment and have worked in a variety of high pressured Operational and Business Development roles in London and the Midlands.  More recently I am working for myself as it gives me greater flexibility with our new family via my Consultancy firm MJE Consultancy Ltd, where I attract and recruit Fertility Nurses, Embryologists and IVF Consultants and other specialist Doctors, as the Fertility Industry is my passion.


I’m obviously one half of TwoDads.U.K and very proud of that fact too, and without doubt being a father is and has been the best job I’ve ever had. Nothing prepares you for the impact these little humans have on us, I know if you’re anything like me, the joy of being a parent just keeps on giving (whilst equally testing me too!).  Don’t get me wrong, there’s days where I want to sit on the garage floor and drown myself in Gin but on the whole, life is better than it ever has been.  

Since we launched TwoDads.U.K in 2017 we have been overwhelmed by the support and the new new opportunities as a result of all our hard work, and in 2018 we began our UK Clinic Partnerships.  Supporting IVF Clinics with their patient support and assisting to market their services to the LGBTQ community.  This is resulted in dramatic clinic growth within Surrogacy.  In April 2018 we launched our Surrogacy Information events, which has exceeded our expectations and each time, sell out completely.  These events are designed to educate Intended Fathers wanting a family of their own, yet just don;t understand how to even begin.  We're proud that our efforts are helping create new families and that brings us so much joy.  

I also help run a Same Sex Parents Facebook Page with a friend Steven Darby. Steven and his partner Connor have a little boy named George the same age as Talulah. The page was launched early in 2018 and is designed to bring other same sex families together as we also hold regular meet ups nationally. It proudly boasts of 700 families from all over the UK.  There is also a Facebook Chat Group too.


With regards to TwoDads.U.K I’m promoting it where ever possible.  Education is really important to help normalise same sex parenting and de-stigmatize Surrogacy. I speak at various events such as The Royal College of Nursing. The Fertility Show, Fertility Fest, ESHRE, Surrogacy UK and Corporate events such as HSBC's LGBTQ Alliance team, about our journey to become Dads, and the treatment of Intended Parents in the NHS - which still has a long way to go from an equality perspective - but we're working on it! I also document our journey for the likes of Surrogacy UK, IVF Babble, Fertility Road Magazine (which we contribute to both) and the tremendous website Gays With Kids.  Were also proud to be supporting the Law Commissioners on the new Surrogacy Law.  Educating everyone about Surrogacy and the journey same sex intended parents (IP’s) have to endure is all part of normalising what we do; raising awareness that gays have kids too  ;)

P.S I'm working o Wes to convince him to have another baby, what do ya think?


I’m Wes, dad to Katie and Talulah and the better half of TwodadsI ;)


Katie is my eldest daughter, and from a previous straight marriage, she is 15 and blossoming into a beautiful young lady, well most of the time she is, but we have our moments. You may not see a massive amount of her on here, she’s busy studying at High School, and we respect her privacy.


Being a dad is very special to me, and I’m fortunate to have gone through it twice so some would say I should know what I’m doing?!

Well having two kids 12 years apart brings it challenges as you soon forget the hard times that come when they are younger,  especially with the lack of sleep , and we have our own little piece of the new normal, and they both make me smile every single day.


It’s also my mission to support Michael in raising awareness and helping to normalise same-sex families, Michael's passion to make a difference in the space is really encouraging, and it gives me tonnes of pleasure supporting such a great cause and us making a difference within the LGBTQ community.  I'm so proud of everything he sets out to achieve and I love supporting him with all his ambitious plans and TwoDad Missions.


Hello everyone!


I've had my Daddies type this because I can't quite type or hold a pencil properly enough to write; but if I could this is exactly what I’d say…


I was born on the 16th October 2016 at 0600, weighing 8lb exactly.  I was born in the North of England in Lancashire, much to one of Daddies delight as he’s Northern too, he's a Yorkshire Man, he’s from somewhere called Hull.  My other Dad is from somewhere equally as cultural, a place called Wolverhampton.  I grew in a very kind lady’s tummy; she kept me safe for 38 weeks, she put up with all my constant kicking, which I’m told used to last from 1am till 4am - Ooops.  Not only did this lady keep me safe, but she’s also agreed to carry my little brother, Duke. He was born in August 2019. He cries lots.


Well my favourite things are my baby Brother Duke, Bug, Unicorns, Bumble Bees, Sausages, Tomato Ketchup, my big sister Katie (she paints my nails and everything!) my Nikki’s (my two babies that I have to fall asleep with), Sweepies (sweeties), Blueberries, I used to love Bananas but I’m a little over them now - I’m really loving Pasta at the moment, and like Daddy (the one from Wolverhampton), I love cheese and marmite too, much to my other Daddy’s disgust. I also love spending time with my Nanny and GanGan and my other GaGa - he’s crazy and also from Hull - they must put something in the water in Hull as so far all my Hull family are bonkers, always laughing and always up for getting into trouble!  Anyway last but not least my very handsome Daddies (they told me to say this bit). 


I love reading my books with my Uncles; I’m very lucky to have four Uncles.  (Uncle Antony and Uncle David, they’re both married, and this is where my love of books has come from) also, Uncle Aaron and Uncle Dan who both have a bay together too, my gorgeous cousin Poppy.  I’m told I’m as crazy as my Uncle Aaron, he gives the best cuddles and always makes me laugh. 


Hello.  I can't quite talk yet (but this is what I'm thinking) as I was only born in August 2019.  However my Daddies tell me I cry a fair bit, and I poo loads.  I have two sisters who both love me loads, true story, one of them picks me up and puts me in her pram with her Dollies.  Can you guess which sister does that?

Much to the annoyance of one of my Daddies.  I also have Blue eyes too, so that means he's the only one in the Johnson-Ellis family with Brown eyes - Soz Dad! 


Hello, I’m Bug, Talulah’s best pal. I’m a French Bulldog, and I was born in March 2017, meaning there are just five months between us both.  You’ll often see me being jumped all over, or having my ears pulled, or being jumped all over, or having my ears pulled…. You get the picture - Talulah loves to play. Anyways, I’m an Aires, I’m cute, I have a poultry allergy, and I snore.  

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